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Step 3: Restoring Multiple Identities

If your backup file does not contain multiple identities, skip to the next step.

Identities contained in the backup file can be restored only to EXISTING Outlook Express identities. When restoring multiple identities, the wizard tries to choose target identities automatically, based on their names. If the wizard cannot choose the target identities automatically, it leaves them blank and marks them as 'click here to select'.

For each of the identities marked as 'click here to select' you should choose a corresponding target identity to restore the Outlook Express data to. The target identities are chosen from the list of existing Outlook Express identities.

When restoring Outlook Express data, the wizard replaces the data of the target identity with the data from the backed-up identity. So, if your Outlook Express identity contains important data, we recommend that you avoid choosing it as a target identity, but create a new empty identity instead. See Restoring Multiple Identities for more information.

Restoring Multiple Identities


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